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Commemorative Plaques Online

A beautiful plaque is a fitting tribute to a loved one or valued colleague. A Commemorative Plaques Online serves as a permanent recognition of a life lived.

It is not just a memorial, but a work of art. Create a personal message of remembrance which will last for generations to come.

The uniqueness of an individually designed online Commemorative plaque reminds us of the rare and special contributions loved ones have made to our world. Recognize and celebrate the extraordinary, the valued and the loved with an enduring, high quality bronze plaque with the additional bonus of being able to design it yourself for a totally personal touch.

Beautiful plaques are a fitting tribute to a loved one or valued colleague. They provide a glimpse into the life of the individual who is memorialized and create a lasting sense of appreciation.
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Each bronze plaque also offers a variety of options
such as background color, border design and font styles to personalize each piece and give it a dynamic character.

As a customer you have the opportunity to personalize the design of your plaque using the exclusive patented design section of our website.

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When we first started creating Commemorative and Memorial plaques, we quickly realized there was so much more potential for the use of bronze plaques. Not only did we get orders to immortalize lost loved humans, but pets as well; pet plaques are a beautiful way to remember a lost pet that held a special place in your heart.