Stylize and beautify your fraternity or sorority symbol to make it stand out and be a centre piece of pride.

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Time saver for anyone who does not want to deal with cemeteries, schedule appointments and spend days managing things.

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Save Money

Do not pay for countless appointments and designers. Simply exercise your creativity with our ‘Design Your Own’ software.

Personalized Design

Our ‘Design Your Own’ system gives you freedom to design your plaque without leaving home. Design anywhere, anytime and order plaques online.

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Get the highest quality product with exclusive custom bronze plaque and designed by you in the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your door.

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We have free delivery across all of the continetal USA.

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Director: Albert De Boer

Director: Albert De Boer

Albert De Boer is the director of the Forever Shining – group of companies which now includes He has a background in engineering and public art. He designed, fabricated, installed, and commissioned fibre cement plants in Australia. Since 2005 Albert has focused on causing disruption in the memorial market. His aim has been to provide customers with the opportunity to design their own unique, personal memorials. He believes that people should have a choice and in a fair deal for a high-quality product, unlike other memorial businesses which offer only a limited, standard range without true personalization.

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Why Choose a Bronze Plaque ?

Make something simply beautiful!

Bronze casting uses an age old process.

A bespoke, hand-cast plaque made from only the highest quality bronze will provide durability so that it will last a life-time.

Our bronze plaques are precision tooled and manufactured to the highest standards. They are resistant to vandalism, easy to clean and maintain.

Bronze allows for designs to be versatile and unique. It can be personalized to meet your requirements, with options on size, shape, fill colour, fixing method as well as text, font and images.

A bronze plaque stands for elegance and prestige. It is reliable and makes a bold statement. It is suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Our Design Your Own system means that the plaque that you create will accurately represent the person, pet, or purpose you have designed it for. Because you designed it, it will look exactly how you imagined it would.

Great benefits from Design Your Own

Each bronze plaque also offers a variety of options
such as background color, border design and font styles to personalize each piece and give it a dynamic character.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own by Forever Shining

  • Available 24/7 for you to use

  • Save & Edit Design, Send to Family

  • 5K + motifs to use for free during the design

  • Realtime design visualization and instant price calculation

  • Unlimited designs option

Cemeteries or other companies

  • Must book appointment

  • No Design Your Own option available

  • Need to select motifs from the book

  • Endless waiting for price calculation, when any change is requested

  • No free designs, each design cost money

Design Your Own
Bronze Plaque

Time saver for anyone who does not want to deal with cemeteries, schedule appointments and spend days managing things.

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