Bronze Plaques Gallery

Great benefits from Design Your Own

Each bronze plaque also offers a variety of options
such as background color, border design and font styles to personalize each piece and give it a dynamic character.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own by Forever Shining

  • Available 24/7 for you to use

  • Save & Edit Design, Send to Family

  • 5K + motifs to use for free during the design

  • Realtime design visualization and instant price calculation

  • Unlimited designs option

Cemeteries or other companies

  • Must book appointment

  • No Design Your Own option available

  • Need to select motifs from the book

  • Endless waiting for price calculation, when any change is requested

  • No free designs, each design cost money

Design Your Own
Bronze Plaque

Time saver for anyone who does not want to deal with cemeteries, schedule appointments and spend days managing things.

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Get a personal consultation.

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