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About Us

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Our company, Forever Shining, is a family-owned business originally based in Australia (and now operating in the US). We are well established and have been designing and creating personalized bronze plaques and architectural products since 2005. Our patented design system is worldwide and we are currently expanding in other countries.

We create durable, personalized plaques which allow the customer a whole new level of hands-on creative input.

Our customers can easily access our unique, internet design and ordering process that enables them to personalize their order with features pertinent to their needs, all from the comfort of their favorite place: Home.

Customers can edit, save and order from their homes without the need to travel to one of our locations. After a customer orders online, we can refine the design – if needed – with our degree qualified graphic design team. The finished design makes its way to the foundry where it is cast in bronze and then sent to the customer.

A variety of cemeteries, funeral directors, and other companies also feature our products which can be found on most social media platforms.

When a special someone passes away, it is important to commemorate their memory with a fitting memorial that exhibits why they will always have your love and respect. They etched their memories into your heart. Let us etch their memories into bronze so that their memories can shine forever.

Customers and distributors can design and order their own personalized bronze plaques online at bronze-plaque.com

If you require something a little more customized than what our Online Design tools can provide, you are more than welcome to contact our design and engineering team to assist you with any requests you may have for your bronze plaques.

Director: Albert De Boer Albert comes from an engineering background and has many years of experience in a multitude of projects ranging from setting up steel sheet press plants to public art creation and installation. For the last 10 years Albert’s focus has been on disrupting the memorial market and trying to give customers a fair deal for a great product that will last and be revered through the ages.

Why Choose a Bronze Plaque?

Make something simply beautiful!

Bronze casting is a process that has been honed over many thousands of years. It has clearly stood the test of time. Bronze continues to be in high demand for plaques today because of the versatility and bold statement it creates, no matter what the purpose of the plaque.

A quality bronze plaque will last a lifetime and by choosing bronze the quality of your plaque can be relied upon. The choice of bronze adds a timeless elegance to your plaque.

Design a unique and highly personalized plaque to suit your needs exactly.

We offer a wide range of custom shapes, sizes, and finishes to meet all your requirements.

Because you have designed it, your plaque will look exactly as you imagined.

A bronze plaque demands a high standard of manufacture with precision tooling. It is vandal-resistant, prestigious, elegant, and high status.

You can design a plaque that best represents the type of person, place or event.

Everything we create requires very little maintenance and is engineered to last for generations to come.

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Our ‘Custom Design’ system is dynamic and organic

It grows and changes as we realize the multitude of uses our customers have for plaques.

The major keys to success for any company are service and quality of the product. We understand better than most that in a competitive field like memorial products and plaques, these two factors are crucial to staying ahead of the game. Not only have we stayed ‘afloat’, but we have also thrived in Australia – We’ve outgrown our pond and now its time to expand. With our sites firmly set on the US market, we hope to ‘Wow’ the wider world with our superior service and products. We have spent a lot of time and resources on research and development to ensure we only use the best possible materials for all our products. Our bronze is 85% copper which means it will last and has real value as a precious metal. If left to weather it will also gain the patina which is revered as a sign of permanence and beauty. Each and every plaque we design has its own unique character. We pride ourselves in catering to all of our customers’ many needs – whether it be through our unique patented ‘Design Your Own’ system or through our ‘Custom design’ system.

Design Your Own Bronze Plaque

It’s easy!

Now anyone who has access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone has the opportunity to express their own ideas and imagination in designing and producing a truly personalized bronze plaque memorial.

Your design is sent directly to the foundry.

Cutting out the middleman saves on price but never compromises on quality.

Our competitive pricing is a reflection of your own role as the designer.

Design Now


What our customers are saying

Joel Frame

Dannae and Co. are simply the best. The quality of their products are second to none, but it was the customer service that really impressed me. Without going into too much detail, they went truly above and beyond to get the plaque to our family in time for my uncle’s funeral. I will be forever in gratitude. Thanks again, Joel.

Leanne McAlpine

Forever Shining made a beautiful plaque for my family which we have placed on a large granite rock. We needed it made in a hurry and Forever Shining did their very best to get it to us on time. They were also very helpful with ideas and tips on the best way to mount the plaque. Thank you very much for all the effort you went to – particularly to Dannae for all her patience and understanding

Marcia Rivett

We have been customers with Forever Shining for 7 years and we are very happy with the service and quality that they provide. Looking forward to future projects with them with regards to our great granddaughter. Each year they do a plaque of the activities that our great granddaughter does. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Paula Jane Hingston

Great at caring service, really happy with the end result.

Lyndy Rol

I used the online design tool to create a design of a bronze plaque with a coloured ceramic image on it. Communication on placing the order was really good, to ensure the best possible result. The nished product was everything we hoped for, beautiful quality and nish.

Rhonda Marsden

Thank you so much for the memorial plaque Forever Shining created for me. I gave the wording, dimensions, and asked for an upright post. I received the plaque in the mail today, and I was so emotional when I saw the finished product. I would highly recommend Forever Shining for creating METAL PLAQUES. Once again thank you, and all of the team at Forever Shining. Regards Rhonda

David Clayton

I manage Newhaven Funerals, Crematorium and Memorial Gardens in Mackay, Queensland. We have been using Forever Shining since 2011 and have ordered over 160 plaques from them. We have ordered granite, bronze, and stainless steel plaques and we have never had an issue with the quality of the plaque and the prompt service from Forever Shining. The website is very user friendly and lets you get a life like picture of what your design will look like before it is produced. Forever Shining also have a great design team that always help to make sure our customers get the best design possible for their memorial. I would recommend Forever Shining for any memorial needs.

USA Delivery

We have fast delivery across the United States of America

States including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode, Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.