Multiplatform engine allows you to design bronze plaque online from any device such as apple, android, laptops, or tablets.


Our founders Allan and Albert were partners in an engineering consulting company as well as engineering manager major capital projects for one of Australia’s largest companies dealing with manufacturing plants, fiber cement technologies, process control and automation, and specialized equipment design before starting Forever Shining. Allan had a daughter – Nicole; a very vibrant, artistic, energetic, and talented young lady. She was a real go-getter and high achiever in every sense. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor while in her fifth year of medical studies. She successfully completed her medical degree even after undergoing brain surgery. Her determination to become a doctor was unhampered. Any other person in similar circumstances would probably have given up in life but not Nicole. She ended up successfully completing her internship even though she was battling her fatal tumor. Sadly, she passed away while pursuing her specialist studies. It was after Nicole passed away that Albert and Alan realized how unsuitable conventional monuments and memorial products were to celebrate the full life she had lived. They also came across other people who were experiencing similar circumstances. As engineers, they worked hard together to design a more fitting memorial to capture Nicole’s vibrant personality and life. They utilized the latest technologies, combined with their decades of engineering experience to create a truly stunning memorial that still stands to this day and will be standing for many years to come. After others saw what the dynamic duo had created, they began to approach Allan and Albert about having the memories of their loved ones immortalized in a similar way. Using Forever Shining’s Laser Etching technology, they soon realized the potential to grow a business based on providing clients with beautiful, stylish and long-lasting monuments.

As leaders of innovation in the memorial design industry, Forever Shining has been redefining the industry since 2005. We have innovated better solutions to existing market needs in the memorial industry. Our simple yet revolutionary technology is changing the way the world designs and produces plaques and memorial products. As the world changes and people have less time for traditional methods, people spend more time on their phones and devices. With our innovative patented ‘design your own’ product, consumers can now design a plaque or memorial product on their phone while they’re watching TV ads or waiting for a bus.

Since the birth of Forever Shining, innovation has played a key role in the ongoing development of the company. In a competitive world market, only companies that spend wisely on research and development can expand and survive. Because we have invested vast amounts in product research while reviewing government standards and metallurgical reports, we have expanded and thrived. Our expansion into the USA and Canada was a natural progression for us as we have come to realize our ‘Design Your Own’ software liberates our customers from the painstaking hurdles surrounding traditional practices.

Today most of the modern world is blessed with fast internet and affordable devices which are the only real prerequisites to attaining the plaque you desire. You can share your login details with friends or family around the world and have them look at or edit your design. ordering and paying are only a few clicks away too, it literally could not be easier. Our software is compatible with PCs, Android phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets; if you can browse the internet you can design online.

There are countless applications for bronze plaques other than remembering loved ones. Signage is a huge market with endless possibilities, to compete well in an endless sea of competitors – one needs to stand out above the rest. Bronze – being timeless and permanent, reflects its properties well onto any business. The associated elegance of bronze also adds an aura of sophistication and luxury. Any object or event worth celebrating is worth celebrating in bronze; heritage buildings; awards and historic events are just the tips of the iceberg, why not have an inspiring quote or your daily mantra enshrined in bronze? The possibilities are endless.

We have a wide variety of motifs, emblems, and fonts that can be used in designing your own plaque. Combine this with the possibility to customize the shape, size, and color of any plaque and you are limited only by your imagination. We understand though, that even with the tools we provide – you may still be wanting something that can’t be designed with our patented software. If you provide us with a sketch or even a good description of what you would like, our talented team of designers will aspire to solidify your vision.

Antique bronze plaques and bronze cemetery plaques have been popular for many centuries and will be for centuries to come. Thanks to numerous innovations in the fields of mining, transport, communication and foundry processes – bronze is available to the masses and is even widely used now in products like pet memorial plaques, bench memorial plaques, and custom bronze wall plaques.

Our next wave of innovation is still being developed, we won’t rest until the whole planet has access to affordable memorial/celebratory products.

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