How much does a bronze plaque cost?

In general, the cost of Bronze plaque is decided by the plaque’s size as well as the amount and size of any photographs, motifs, logos, text, or additional decorations placed to the object.

The price of a plaque made using the Design Your Own (DYO) online design system is easily accessible through the “Check Price” button. This will display the overall price of your plaque, including shipping, as well as a breakdown of the cost of each component of your plaque.

Hovering your cursor over the Question mark symbols in the left-hand menu displays pricing and product details.


What is a bronze plaque?

A bronze plaque is a flat, metallic commemoration of an individual, or event, made from a special metal alloy called bronze. Inscriptions, images, or emblems adorn these plaques, often located in public spaces like parks, structures, cemeteries or even homes. These relics serve as lasting tributes to honor and memorialize historical moments, significant individuals, or beloved ones. You can find the image below for the materials that are used to make the bronze plaque.

How to design a bronze plaque?

Please visit our online Design System. It is intuitive to .

use from start to finish, from choosing your product to confirmation of payment.

If you want to know more please go to our online “How To” video instructions on our Youtube channel.

Where to get a bronze plaque made?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to crafting bespoke bronze plaques, Bronze Plaque stands out as the unrivaled expert. With unparalleled expertise and a distinctive ability to tailor-make bronze plaques, they excel in delivering exquisite craftsmanship both in the United States and Australia. Whether commemorating a special occasion or honoring a cherished individual, Bronze Plaque’s dedication to quality and customization ensures a timeless and personalized tribute that exceeds expectations.

How to clean a bronze plaque?

A soft cloth and soapy water is all that is required for cleaning. Rinse and dry your plaque, then buff with clean soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or materials as these may damage your Bronze Plaque.

What is the difference between bronze plaque and brass plaque?

Aspect Bronze Brass
Composition Primarily copper and tin Primarily copper and zinc
Color Reddish-brown to golden-brown Yellow-gold
Patina Develops patina (green to brown) Develops patina (brown to black)
Durability Highly durable, corrosion-resistant Durable, but may not be as corrosion-resistant as bronze
Applications Plaques, sculptures, architectural elements Plaques, hardware, musical instruments, decorative items

What  is the difference between headstone and grave marker?

Feature Headstones Grave Markers
Size and Complexity Larger, more elaborate designs Smaller, simpler designs
Placement Usually placed upright at the head of grave Can be placed at head or foot of grave
Materials Granite, marble, bronze, durable materials Granite, bronze, durable materials
Customization Offers more room for customization Limited space for customization
Cost Typically more expensive Generally more affordable

What are the markers for graves?

Grave markers are heartfelt memorials installed at burial places to memorialize the deceased. We specialize in creating bronze grave markers that are precisely constructed to give a lasting tribute to loved ones. With customizable alternatives available, our markers serve as eternal emblems of remembering, ensuring that the memory of those we’ve lost is carried on with dignity and elegance.

What is a cheaper alternative to a headstone?

Grave markers or flat markers are a less expensive alternative to headstones. These monuments are often constructed of granite or bronze, and they are smaller and simpler in style than regular upright headstones. While they still fulfil the aim of identifying the cemetery and commemorating the departed, they are less expensive due to their smaller size and simpler construction. In addition, some families choose temporary monuments or plaques at first and then plan to upgrade to a more sophisticated headstone when their finances permits.

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