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Our Products

Bronze plaques have endless possible uses. We have listed some of the more popular uses below. If there is something you have in mind we have not mentioned, then please do not hesitate to call us to discuss.

Architectural Plaques

Architectural Plaques, Room Dedication Plaques, Building Dedication Plaques, and Easy Address Plaques: perfect for townhouses, developments, apartment buildings, or mailboxes

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Address Plaques

Address plaques add an ayre elegance to any property. Building, Estate Lawn and Mailbox Address Plaques, House Number Signs, Letters & Numbers For Apartment Units, Door Number Plaques.

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Beautification or Artistic Plaques

Increase the aesthetic value of your surroundings with your own creative expression immortalised in bronze.

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Fraternity and Sorority House Plaques

Stylize and beautify your fraternity or sorority symbol to make it stand out and be a centre piece of pride.

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Commemorative or Memorial Plaques

With its enduring beauty, bronze is the ideal medium to communicate a personal message of remembrance for generations to come. The uniqueness of each bronze plaque reminds us of the rare and special contributions our loved ones have made to our world.

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Official & Military Plaques

While we’re happy to create Official plaques and military plaques, please keep in mind that the use of Department of Defense logos, emblems, Service seals and Coats of Arms requires prior permission from DoD. Honorary plaques are an excellent way to decorate a life well lived. click Know more for further details.

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Garden Dedication Plaques

Garden or Outdoor plaques can be light hearted fun themed or inspirational. Garden plaques can also mark something like a tree dedication or can be artfully themed to compliment their surroundings.

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Dedication plaques

Dedication plaques are the perfect way to pay tribute to someone important to you or your organization. Bronze dedication plaques can handle a lot of small text very well without losing their detail.

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Custom Logo Plaques

Adds a touch of class and permanence to any type of business. If you’re looking to expand your brand for a small fee, you would do well to consider a custom logo plaque.

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Pet Plaques

Pet plaques are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a beloved pet. Flat relief pictures work well for animals and sometimes say more than words can.

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Inspirational Plaques

Wake up every day to your favorite mantra or words of inspiration. Famous quotes will never be forgotten once cast in bronze.

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Photo Plaques

As an extra level of personalization – vitreous enamel or ceramic colour photos can be attached to a bronze plaque.

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Public Art Plaques

To establish and decorate a public area with style, you can’t go past a bronze plaque with informative and artistic value.

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Signage Plaques

Unveiling plaques, welcome plaques and signage plaques can be informative and represent historical places or events.

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Picture Plaques

We offer a wide range of customised shapes, sizes and finishes to meet all your requirements for picture plaques. Because you have designed it, your plaque will look exactly as you imagined.

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Our Vision

At Forever Shining we take the utmost pride in the service we give and the memorial products we sell.

We understand that memorial products are created to commemorate a person’s life and to preserve their memories. We aim to assist you in creating the perfect memorial to the wonderful life they lived and memories shared. Our staff are friendly, understanding and professional. Our team have extensive knowledge of all our memorial products so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure. We also provide the tools to allow you to design a memorial product online, wherever you feel the most comfortable. Whether that be your home, your favourite coffee shop, or anywhere (with internet access) you feel at peace.

Our memorial products are created using only premium grade materials, using the latest in design, construction and engraving technologies. Our friendly engineering and design staff are well-versed in the world of memorials, and are here to help you through every step of the way, if you need us. To add to that, our diverse product collection means that there is a memorial to suit every taste, every story and every budget.