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What to write on your epitaph

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What to write on your epitaph?

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the design process when making your bronze plaque is choosing the words you wish to write.

Firstly, consider the intended use of your plaque.

If you are designing a memorial plaque then it will usually require details such as the name and significant dates. You might wish to include the names and relationships of loved ones or friends. Our design system allows to save and make changes to your design as much as you like. This option means that you can share the design with others and check dates and spellings of names to ensure these details are correct.

Your text might also include poetry, song words or wording to express feelings of love. You may wish to write a truly personal message in your very own words.

For some plaques, you might need to consider personal achievements or the impact the individual made on the lives of others.

If you are designing a plaque for the dedication of a building, the design will need to state the name of the building and the date of construction or the opening of the building. The plaque might also acknowledge the details of the architect and the person who has opened the building.  You might incorporate a logo within the design. The names of trustees may also need to be included. Some plaques include a phrase or business mantra.

If your dedication plaque is for a building which has been occupied by a famous person, details of the dates during which the person lived in the dwelling are usually needed. You may wish to mention whether the person was born, resided, worked or died at this site..