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Types of Remembrance Plaques

Chartered Accountants - Bronze Plaques

Remembrance plaques are once that pay tribute to someone or something. Listed below are some examples of the kinds of remembrance plaques we can create for you.

Bronze Memorial Plaques are ideal candidates for being made out of bronze, as their durability provides people with the opportunity of honouring special people for generations without noticeable wear. On our online DYO system, you can create as many mock-up designs as you would like until you land on something that you think is suitable. The fact that each of our customers choose the design for their ordered bronze plaques means that each plaque can adequately communicate the person it is commemorating.

Honorary plaques add a sense of merit to the life lived by a person. Please make sure you have adequate rights or permission to use any emblems, coats of arms or service seals before asking us to include them on your bronze plaque so that no copyright infringements occur. We offer military plaques at Forever Shining; therefore, you need to know that any usage of Department of Defence (DoD) logos, emblems, service seals and coats of arms needs to be authorised by the DoD. As a company initially only operating in Australia, we realised that we needed to add some new emblems and motifs to our online DYO system’s menus. These include military or official plaque elements.

Our bronze plaques can include a large quantity of small text in a sharp enough resolution that detail isn’t lost, and each letter can be made out quite well. This can be a notable benefit, especially when creating a  plaque that may have large descriptions included. Dedication plaques can be designed to commemorate a business as well, it is not necessarily for individuals only. You could order a plaque as a way to acknowledge pretty much anything, from the life of a loved one to historical events, donations to a charity, academic or sporting achievements, et cetera.

If you would like to have a plaque built in commemoration of a pet of yours, we are more than accepting of creating pet plaques. We have found from experience that flat relief images paired with not a crazy amount of text can result in a plaque that looks quite good. If you order a pet plaque from us, you will receive free shipping after placing your order online. Ceramic and vitreous enamel photo add-ons to your plaque design are designed to endure any weather conditions that nature throws at it, making them suitable to be used for things such as pet plaques that could be placed in gardens.

Please take your time to decide on if you want a remembrance plaque made. If you do, our online DYO system provides you with the tools you need to create a mock-up design for your bronze plaque. Our design system has live feedback of the cost of what your design would be, so there is no need to email us for a quote as it is a built-in feature.

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