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Types of Functional Plaques

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From subject matter to structure, people may not realise how many different variations of plaques exist. Functional plaques have a distinct purpose, so can typically be more descriptive and less emotive than other plaque designs, for example, pet memorial plaques. Below is a selection of functional plaques that we offer at Forever Shining.

Architectural bronze plaques can be for apartment buildings, townhouses, developments, mailboxes, et cetera. The bronze sheen and the plaque design can help elevate the aesthetic of whatever they are attached to. Therefore, implementing one can be seen as a method to enhance the perceived quality of the structure they are labelling, because it is high quality itself. Architectural plaques can include information for directional signage, welcome statements, or as a way to recognise architects, designers or developers.

Signage plaques, welcome plaques and uncovering plaques all have their place in the world and can easily convey information about historical spots, events or buildings.

Bronze Address Plaques can showcase door numbers, apartment units, estates, buildings, mailboxes, et cetera. A bespoke design with a company logo could help drive brand awareness for your business, with the bronze construction creating a more prestigious tone. Address plaques can also add a sense of elegance to a property you own, or subconsciously make you feel a place is more high-end. If adding a small piece of bronze to a building or mailbox can influence how premium it feels, it may be a worthwhile investment.

If you are interested in a plaque that assists in building your brand, custom logo plaques are an addition that adds class. Through adding a colour logo to a bronze plaque design through vitreous enamel or ceramic or engraving directly into the bronze, you will be immortalising your brand.

Adding an image to a bronze plaque adds an extra layer of personalisation, whether it be a brand mark or not. If choosing a colour photo, it can be applied through placing a vitreous enamel or ceramic layer to your bronze plaque. Vitreous enamel is more expensive and premium, while ceramic is more affordable. Engraving an image onto a bronze plaque ultimately makes it a part of the monochromatic bronze face. This method is called photo relief and is another feasible option.

The intended purpose of your plaque dictates what photos you choose to add, not us. For example, a cherished picture of a loved one would be a fitting addition to a memorial plaque for them. Whatever image implementation method you choose, know that it will be durable. To learn more about the durability of our Custom Photo Plaques, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like a custom motif that is not a part of our online DYO system, you could add an image that you have, or request one of our designers create a custom motif.

Feel free to either experiment with our online DYO design system or contact our staff to create a mock-up for a plaque that you would like. Our welcoming team of qualified graphic designers is more than happy to assist you in your plaque design journey.

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