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Streamlined Process

Bronze Plaques

Streamlined Process

We have developed a user-friendly system to help you create a unique and appropriate bronze plaque which will save you time, effort and money. Looking at our Design Your Own software might be a perfect solution. We encourage you to take look through our website and see some of the beautiful and artistic designs we have created.

Cemeteries offer memorials as products that are mainstream and common, not unique or individual. We are told by our customers often ‘we wish we had known you were here’ ‘we wanted something different’ ‘we would have loved something like that!’ ‘Mary couldn’t physically attend an appointment so we had to decide without them’

We want to enable you to design and create a beautiful memorial that meets or exceeds personal expectations and bypasses strict cemetery imposed artistic limitations, in the comfort of your own home. Designing can be done along with family and friends or shared with them later for comment and changes prior to submitting the order.

Designing online enables you to decide on and design your own memorial, make payment in your own time and place your order when you wish to, without leaving your own home.

Standard cemetery protocol to establish a memorial starts with a family responding to a request from the cemetery administration for you to make an appointment within a strictly governed timetable. This is followed by having to attend the offices and in a formal setting, with strangers in suits, choosing from a very limited range of bronze memorial products.

The memorial products are initially selected by a board and marketing strategy team, not bereaved families wanting something beautiful and individual for their own loved one. You will be given a form with a few lines of tiny boxes to fill out with letters to end up with some sort of inscription.

Unlike our user-friendly Design Your Own system, you will have minimal input on design and layout, and be selected from a small range of plaque sizes, colors, borders, and motifs. The family will pay considerable fees incorporated into the cost of their bronze memorial plaque – as the tabled fee is inclusive of many other unrelated agency costs.

Custom motifs, additional proofs, artwork and priority orders will all incur high additional costs. There can be extended periods waiting for the artwork to approve, manufacture times, shipping and installation and finally seeing the finished product. We aim to get our premium quality product, approved, completed and to its destination in a reasonable and timely fashion without incurring any additional charges to our highly valued customers.

Families tell us it is extremely difficult to create flowing text to mean something to the people left behind about the person who has gone in an informal and sensitive way, operating within such formal parameters.

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