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Bronze Pet Memorial Plaques

Bronze Pet Memorial plaques are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a beloved pet. Flat relief pictures work well for animals and can sometimes say more than words.

Keep the memories of love and affection alive forever. Your pet is a valued family member. Commemorate and honour the joy your beloved companion with a beautiful bronze plaque. Cast a photo of your pet in bronze as a lasting dedication. Add a bronze pet plaque to a special outdoor place of comfort or flower bed to help you reminisce and relive fond memories for years to come. Displaying your pet memorial plaque outdoors is not a problem due to the durability of the product.
Design Now

Each bronze plaque also offers a variety of options
such as background color, border design and font styles to personalize each piece and give it a dynamic character.

As a customer you have the opportunity to personalize the design of your plaque using the exclusive patented design section of our website.

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