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Forever Shining Entering US Market

Our director, Albert De Boer, and his team of graphic artists and manufacturers along with couriers can help you from your initial enquiry, all the way through the design and fabrication processes to the delivery of your bespoke Bronze Address Plaques. We are invested in providing you with as seamless an experience as possible, with as much customisation available as possible on a durable platform.

Please note that our audience is not only in America and Canada, but rather deliveries are more expensive outside these areas. Contact us if you are interested in making an overseas purchase.

We were initially an Australia-only company, with our main office being located in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. We have also recently gained an office space in Canada, located at 1101 Eagle Ridge Drive, Oshawa, Ontario L1K 0L8. If you are based in Australia, please visit our primary, Australian site, www.forevershining.com.au. It contains more information about the range of products that are available for purchase in Australia, which differs from what we offer the American market.

At Forever Shining, we have a patented online design system which allows customers to design their Custom Photo Plaques and save it to our database. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Australian office where our qualified in-house graphic designers can create a mock-up for you based on your ideas. The team can create a mock-up based on an email describing what you had in mind, or even through listening to your ideas in a phone call.

If you are placing your Custom Memorial Plaque in a cemetery, you need to contact them as each cemetery can have different regulations regarding what is allowed on the premises. Another option is to contact us directly, after which we can communicate with the cemetery chosen to check if bronze plaques are allowed.

The delivery of a plaque is typically between four and six weeks after the design has been paid for. Please keep this in mind if you are planning on having your plaque delivered and installed at a location by a certain date. The more time given for the manufacturing and delivery of a plaque the better, as small delays may occur as a result of unexpected situations.

The sky is the limit in terms of possibilities of what your plaque design could be, so if there is something you have in mind that is beyond the scope of our DYO system please let us know via email or phoning us.

While we do not personally install your plaque, we do provide concise information on how you can install it yourself, or how an experienced builder or handyman could install your plaque for you. If you would like to know more delivery information, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

From enquiry to design to fabrication to delivery, Forever Shining has your back the whole way. We are proud to become a part of the US market and look forward to being in contact with you to create your unique plaque design.

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