Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction

Using the online design software can make things so much easier and more enjoyable when creating a memorial plaque.

One of our customers, in particular, could not thank us enough! She commented on how easy we made the whole process for her. The DYO enabled her to design a beautiful cast bronze plaque online for her late husband, in the comfort of her home. And when she was happy, the design was shared with her closest family and friends. This allowed them to make any suggestions feeling relaxed, communicating ideas and comments until the design was perfect.

Being at home, in an informal setting allows ideas to flow more naturally. The detail can be checked for accuracy by those who are familiar with the person, the family, and the details. In other settings, you can forget or be confused and be too close to see the layout objectively. Many customers forget or misremember dates. Incorrect dates are the most common error made on a memorial.

Another of our customers gave us a sample of her son’s incredible and unique street art. This was transformed by our graphics designers into a file and was fashioned into an amazing piece of artwork, hand-cast in bronze. The one-of motif ran across the full width of the bronze plaque. The finished result looked truly stunning and continues to give the family much joy when visiting his final place of rest.

We are so happy we can provide such an easy online design system to the public allowing them to create something truly personalized for their loved ones. It takes away the pressure of discussing what you would like on the plaque as you can create as many plaques as you like until you are satisfied!

Many people just want something small in the cemetery, nothing too lavish or extravagant. Just a subtle memorial plaque that will complement the natural environment of the cemetery and reflect on the life passed. Effective and creative memorialization allows future generations to visit and to feel a part of the family, and the life lived.

We have supplied many plaques in duplicate for families to place one in their own gardens at home also. Lots of families prefer the setting at home for a memorial rather than position within the grounds of a formal cemetery, amidst the public, strangers and ongoing fees.

We have a large number of customers who have made on their own private property or even with permission at specific parks and councils, fairy grottos, hand-carved bench seats, walls, water features, paving stones, wall art and more. They have featured the beautiful bronze plaques into the memorial and incorporated poetry, verses and lines of songs, hand drawings, art, and other detail into the unique design of their bronze plaque.

Hand cast bronze plaques have a beautiful natural earthy feel and appearance, especially with the dark brown background. The naturally occurring patina effect is quite common and liked amongst customers due to the vintage, aging effect. Bronze plaques are most common in cemeteries due to the 99-year life expectancy, which is part of the USA Cemetery Standards.

Bronze plaques require certain metallurgical content to be able to have that 99-year life expectancy, with minimum 85 % copper content. This content is very important if you want the longevity of the plaque to withstand the elements for centuries to come.

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