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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction

Our online design system makes designing your plaque an easy and enjoyable experience, letting you explore your creativity to make a truly personal plaque.

Our customers comment on the accessibility and ease with which they can engage with our design system. They are pleased to be able to design in the comfort of their own home. Being able to share their designs with friends and family and then adapt them as many times as they like makes our online design system a bonus. In this way, important dates and spellings can be checked for accuracy by those who are familiar with the details.

Other customers are grateful for the ability to make a totally individual plaque to commemorate a place or person. We satisfy customer needs, whether they require something small and subtle or a more extravagant design.

Customers can use our design system to create smaller memorial plaques, acting as a gentle reminder of a life well lived. Our plaques can be made in duplicate so that families are also able to place one in their own garden at home. Others prefer to add a small memorial plaque to a bench or tree in a park or public space, permission having been sought.

Designing plaques themselves has allowed our customers the freedom to make exactly what they want. They are able to add lines from poetry or songs, or images and details which are highly personal to the person commemorated, without the restrictions of some traditional plaque manufacturers.

Our cast bronze plaques are offered in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and paint colors. Our customers are pleased with the wide range of options we provide. We only use the highest quality bronze which is consistent with USA Cemetery Standards. We want our plaques to give you pleasure and satisfaction for many years to come.

We are proud of our product and the unique online design system we have developed to make your design process easy. We enjoy the positive feedback we receive and take great pleasure in knowing that our plaques allow our customers to create exactly what they want to commemorate their loved ones.

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