Design Your Own

Fully cusomizable and personalized online building tool for bronze plaques, where you can choose your colour, font, size, shape, borders, insections, photos, motifs and share that with friends

Design Your Own

Nowadays, a large number of people prefer online shopping to visit a “real shop” in person. Our times are demanding, therefore, we are extremely busy and in light of that, we do not want to waste our precious time. Sometimes, we have no idea what we should purchase and thus the Internet can be our inspiration. In order to find something that meets our expectations, looking through the websites might be a perfect solution to save our time and even money. Thanks to technology development, everything is moving with the times, including funerary architecture. It refers not only to a wide range of modern headstones designs available on the market but also the way how it is possible to order them.

We do encourage you to take look through our website and see what designs of grave markers we have on offer. It is also worth to be mention about our new developed Design Your Own software, which enables you to design your grave marker, and then ordering and paying for it without leaving your home. As the funeral arrangement is difficult procedure, we do our best to make all customers feel comfortable. You can create a design anywhere and anytime, the only things you need are Internet access, a mobile device or a computer. To make such a hard decision properly, you need time and peace and that is what we provide you with. Design Your Own is easy-to-use software but, nevertheless, in a bid to avoid any problems, please, read this article as it contains a detailed description of how to design your gravestone.

Our Design Your Own software allows you to design either a laser etched or a traditional gravestone. In the beginning, you should also decide whether you are in favor of a headstone or a full monument. No matter what type you opt for, all designing steps are quite similar to one another. What is more, the tutorial and some tips included on our website are presented in a very comprehensive manner. Nonetheless, let us describe all the steps in details, and explain some differences. Thanks to our overall summary, you will be well-prepared to use our 3D design tool.

First of all, you should choose one of the forenamed types of gravestones i.e., Laser Etched Black Granite Headstone, Laser Etched Black Granite Monument, Traditional Engraved Headstone or Traditional Engraved Monument. Once you have decided upon the type, then you can start creating your design. It should be also mentioned that we strive for meeting all our customers’ needs including those less conventional. In the account of that, our online design software performs designs of Pet Headstone and Mini Headstone as well.

The first step in our software is the selection of your preferred shape. On the right side, you will find a wide range of all available shapes. When it comes to laser-etched gravestones, the next step is size selection, but if you picked a traditional headstone or full monument, then you should go for the color. It needs to be added that both traditional and laser-etched monuments are accessible in various granite colors. Our offer was prepared with diverse customers’ tastes in mind, so anyone can find something for themselves. You can choose among more than one hundred colors: from the traditional ones like black or white colors to more original such “Green Marinace” or “Dynamic Blue”. What is more, if you wish to make your design colorful, you can also choose different colors of stones for each part of your designed gravestone. Additionally, the size of each part can be also individually picked.  

The following step allows you to choose a size. There is also a very useful tool that gives a possibility of size selection both in centimeters and inches. On the right side of the screen, you will find the width, height and thickness settings. Thanks to developed computer animation, you can separately regulate and adjust each gravestone’s dimension.

The next thing to design is an inscription which usually includes the decedent’s name, last name, and dates of birth and death. Nevertheless, modern gravestones are becoming more and more personalized; hence you can add some Bible passages, poem quotations or song lyrics. What is more, you can also pay your last respects to the dear departed by engraving a special dedication. Due to our 3D software, it is possible to choose fantasy or more elegant font, pick a size or color, and even rotate the inscription and precisely point where it should be exactly engraved.

As far as personalized gravestones are concerned, obviously there is also available to add granite or ceramic photo of the deceased, which can be presented in various shapes: oval or rectangle. Our software has also the retouching tools which give you a possibility of improving your photo, for instance, it enables you to add sepia or black&white effects, rotate the photo or change its size. Photos are made in order to capture the best moments of our life. That is why there is nothing more gentle and impressive than a beautiful portrait of our beloved since each time should you visit them, you will see this smiling face again. Once you have decided upon a photo, the only thing is to upload it. You do not have to deliver it in person.

The other element which makes your design even more original and adjusted to the death’s preferences is a motive. We have prepared a large number of motives that may refer to the deceased’s interests, hobbies, or personality. It must be underlined, that all images are divided into more general categories like America, Pets, Children Toys or Iconic Places, but then you will be presented with more detailed groups. No two ways about it; such a wide range of motives can satisfy all customers’ needs, even those more unusual and demanding.

Furthermore, it should be stressed than anytime you can use the check price button and see the estimated cost of your design.  Not only you can change some elements of your design whenever you want, but you can also control the total cost and combine elements variously. The total cost might be regulating by replacing more expansive parts with the cheaper ones. Thanks to this, the designed gravestone will not exceed your limited budget. “Good advisors” working in funeral monument companies have a trick of encouraging their customers into ordering some unnecessary and too expensive parts, which results in overpaying and consequently, earning on somebody’s pain. Our intention is to support you in such hard moments and provide the most suitable design at a reasonable price.

Once you have finished your design, check every step again, just to be sure that a gravestone you are going to order is exactly what you expect.  If your design meets your requirements, you should save it, but in order to do this, it is necessary to create your account in our system. This step is very easy to make and we need only your basic personal data such first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number.

There also must be underlined, that each cemetery has own regulation connected with size, raw material, and type of the gravestone. Due to this fact, before you start your own design and consultations with gravestone provider, it is recommended to check thoroughly all restrictions imposed on gravestones. Otherwise, your grave marker might be rejected and your money will be wasted. There is no reason why the placement of laser-etched gravestones can be restricted, but to avoid unnecessary problems and incurred cost, please contact and consult everything with the administration of the cemetery which you chose for a funeral arrangement.

We have a special approach to each customer, and we provide them with individual and exceptional services. We hope that our article will encourage you to check our Design Your Own software. If the case any doubts, please, do not hesitate and contact us anytime you need it. That would be a great pleasure for us if we could answer your questions. We are at your service and we always perform all our duties with the best diligence we command. Let us assist you in such tremendous time, as we guarantee your satisfaction with our service. 

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