Streamlined Process

Certificate of authenticity for Forever Shining. This is ti certify that all bronze products manufactured by forever shining are of the finest statuary LG2 Bronze with alloy contents as follow: Copper 85% Zinc 5% Tin 5% Lead 5%. Letters, Numerals and Emblems are buffed, each casting is true, free from defects and roughness. The required colour is applied and a clear protective coating is added to secure the finish.

Streamlined Process We have developed a user-friendly system to help you create a unique and appropriate bronze plaque which will save you time, effort and money. Looking at our Design Your Own software might be a perfect solution. We encourage you to take look through our website and see some of the beautiful and artistic […]

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Customer Satisfaction

Forever Shining Entering US Market

Customer Satisfaction Using the online design software can make things so much easier and more enjoyable when creating a memorial plaque. One of our customers, in particular, could not thank us enough! She commented on how easy we made the whole process for her. The DYO enabled her to design a beautiful cast bronze plaque […]

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Multiplatform engine allows you to design bronze plaque online from any device such as apple, android, laptops, or tablets.

Innovation Our founders Allan and Albert were partners in an engineering consulting company as well as engineering manager major capital projects for one of Australia’s largest companies dealing with manufacturing plants, fiber cement technologies, process control and automation, and specialized equipment design before starting Forever Shining. Allan had a daughter – Nicole; a very vibrant, […]

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